Tea Pot
New addition to my tea collection $8
Have I mentioned my obsession with tea, teapots, kettles, and tea sets??  After many unsuccessful years of trying kick my coffee habits, I finally made the switch to tea after studying abroad in Turkey, where natives drink up to 20 cups a day!  I brought back with me about fifteen different flavors of tea, a new tea set, and a new found love for the drink. The whole idea of sitting pretty and sipping away with a great book (Fifty Shades of Grey, anyone??) makes me giddy with excitement! Sounds fabulous, no?  If you're not yet convinced, the beverage certainly offers numerous other benefits besides the dreamy ideal and taste ::

1.  Wakey Wakey!  Black tea provides the most caffeine, followed by green, having up to 120 mg/cup, while the other nutrients and herbs can have lifting effects, as well.

2.  Sleepy Sleepy.  Chamomile tea has the ability to aid in sleeping and also help relieve anxiety.

3.  Prevent Heart Disease and Cancer.  Antioxidants, anyone?

4.  Lose Weight!  Zero calorie drinks in almost an unlimited amount of flavors, so you'll never get tired of it.  Some teas, such as Pu-erh & White teas (promoted by Dr. Oz!!) , gets you up and moving, increases metabolic rate, while also curbing your appetite.  Just cutting out 250 calories/day can result in losing one pound per week.

5.  Brighten Your Smile.  Tea actually contains fluoride that may prevent plaque build-up and prevent periodontal disease.

6.  Be Happy.  Tea helps control blood sugar levels to prevent you from having sugar highs and lows and keep you at a steady, happy medium.

7.  Easy Lifestyle Change.  If you've always envied the lifestyles of those chill, happy-go-lucky, carefree individuals, drinking tea natural pushes you in that direction.  A very simple lifestyle change like drinking tea, can promote an overall feeling of well-being and help you make other changes you've had trouble with before in order to better your life!

Just starting out, and don't know what kind to buy?  I recommend a new brand from the heart of tea lovers, the UK, called Higher Living.  Inexpensive, flavorful, and a variety of different healing herbs. (My favorite is Vitality)

What are your favorite flavors/brands? Hope you join in the joy of TEA TIME!

How is everyone on this beautiful Sunday?  It a gorgeous day out , I'm feeling inspired, motivated, but also questionative.  I've been thinking a lot about where I want my life to go.  I'm sure many of you are in this same place in your life, where you just aren't sure what comes next, or even where you WANT your life to go.  That's me right now.  I recently started a new job at a health food store, where I'm learning a boo-coo of new nutritional information.  And I love it!! But it's forced me to look at two of my passions and decide which to pursue--art & health.  Ideally, I'd be doing something that includes both, but I'm yet to come up with a solution.  That's where I want your input.  What kind of great, creative, helping jobs are you all out there doing??  I'd love to know how you've put your creative talents to the test in finding your dream jobs.  Anyone doing big things or have ideas for world peace?? Leave a comment, get at me, please ANYTHING!  That may have seemed a bit desperate.  I promise, I'm not desperate, per say, just reaaaally motivated to discover new paths.


Yes, it's been a while since the last post...but it was inevitable.  I mean come on, I'm graduating college in like a week, I've got lots on my mind.  But no more excuses...at least for today :)

Back to the purpose of this post--I found a new site for funding art projects, collaboration, showing your portfolio, and so much more!! I'm still exploring the site, but I did make a profile so you should check it too and create your own!  I love collaboration projects and I'm hoping this will provide some awesome opportunities!  (I'm actually in the works of designing t-shirts for kids in America with a new business, which I'll let you know about soon.)  Oh yea, the sites called IdeasTap.  Genius. Just genius...

Much Love!
Ahh the beautiful spectrum of colors nature provides...  I don't know about you, but a good color combination really gets me going!  Recently I was exposed to Adobe's color creating website. Which clearly makes it the BEST color site. EVER.  www.kuler.adobe.com.  You can search for pre-made combos, create your own, and best of all, upload a pic and it automatically creates a combo in whatever style you'd like--monochromatic, analogous, and more!  Plus, you can tweak any color and the creator will change the rest to keep a coordinated palette.  Try it for yourself and check out my most recent combo (below) created from a one of my wedding photographs ::
Country Wedding
As always, let me know what you think!

Ya ya, so I skipped a few days this weekend, but hey, I'm still getting the hang of this.  Plus it'd sure be a lot easier to keep up with this electronic world if I wasn't sporting a Razzle as a phone. Ya you probably don't know what that is because it's the most basic, free little phone, that everyone thinks is broken upon looking at it because of it's very strange design...
Anyways, maybe I'll upgrade to an iphone soon and post of pic of my ancient cellie.

I've been addicted to fonts lately--well just the free ones, because I'm still claiming "broke college student" status until graduation day, in which I'll promote myself to "starving artist".  So the free fonts, right?  Here's today's site of choice:  Lost Type Co-op.  I love it.  The fonts all look professionally developed and provide a vast array of artsy, vintage, and extra thin type-faces.  I'd recommend the blog posts, as they provide awesome, creative ways to utilize the fonts to their maximum potential.  Let me know how this stands up to your favorite type site!

Type on, my friends!

Day 2 of continuous blogging = success (so far).

Today, I just have to share this website!  To all you creatives out there, www.fuzzimo.com has some really really great downloads (ALL FOR FREE!).  Everything including clip art, fonts, background textures, and much more is available for personal and commercial use, so STOCK up! (Pun was kinda intended...)
Hi everyone! Kendra blogging here.  So, I'm kinda new at this whole blogging thing, but I'm really going to try to keep up with it and post all the beautiful, wonderful, astounding things I stumble upon.  Things that inspire me, and hopefully you!  With all the images out there on the internet it's hard to filter through and find the truly beautiful works.  If I can create one place that helps people find beautiful things, then I've succeeded.  So to start things off, enjoy this link to one of the best blogs I've found for design tutorials and great images, called Pugly Pixel.